Optimizing Your Energy Management Skills


Life is in the blood, but our health is in the pH of the blood, and the pH of the blood is in what we breathe, drink, and eat. Therefore, optimizing your nutrition (energy input and output) makes you healthier and helps you live longer.

Energy management focuses on learning how to optimize what you breathe, drink, and eat to achieve optimal amounts of the nutrients your body needs, from the optimization point of view, you can eat any kinds of food, but they must be in the right amounts, with the right combinations, in the right time (age) in order to satisfy your daily energy and nutrition requirements. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold true if you are consuming processed and filler heavy foods. There is another part of the equation.

You can optimize your indoor air quality by avoiding allergens, dust, smoke, etc.  The clearer your lungs, the more effectively your entire body will function.  You can optimize your daily water and beverage amounts. Most importantly, you can optimize the foods you eat by following a step-by-step procedure to meet your daily energy and nutrition requirements. For example, by optimizing amounts of various foods, a 40-year-old woman with a weight of 131 lbs and a height of 5’4″ at a sedentary activity level can obtain a menu to meet her daily energy and nutrition requirements. Or by altering the equation, she can add or lose weight as needed to reach an optimal body mass.

If only it was that simple.  There is still one part of the equation missing.  You have an energy source but must find a means to utilize it. True energy management focuses on the exercise (use) versus fuel (energy source) equation and how to effectively make your body work for you not against you. Your body is build for action, not to sit around on a couch 24/7.

For true energy management, you must expend more energy than you store through food consumption AND still consume sufficient food so that your body’s systems (brain, lungs, circulatory, nerve, musculature, skeletal, etc) receive their daily requirements of nutrition. You cannot overeat and expect your body to function properly just as you cannot overexercise and expect the same proper function. There must be balance to the equation to achieve complete energy management and optimal health.Image


About leisatwatkins

In May 2011, I hit an all time low in my life and an all time high in my weight. I was 199 pounds and the idea of hitting 200 scared me. I had tried every known diet, HCG, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, the grapefruit diet. I'd even tried Phen-phen when I was younger and Dexatrim before that. While I'd lose a little weight, I would always gain it back and then more. I knew the yo-yo dieting was not healthy for my body and it was definitely wreaking havoc on my mental wellness. I didn't know what to do and I was looking into taking drastic surgical measures to lose weight. That's when a friend of mine told me his story about losing over 200 pounds without pills, surgery, or starving himself. Not only did he lose the weight, but he kept it off. What did I have to lose? I asked him to share the secret with me. Now, only six short months later, I weigh 140 lbs and am working on losing 5 more. That will put me back to my weight that I was in HS, college, and before I had children. And I've done it with my friend's help as my Health Coach, without starving or even exercising, although I love to walk everyday. I haven't felt hungry at all in this process. How many "diets" can say that? I feel fantastic! I've felt great since the first week on this program. Let me be very clear about this. This is NOT a diet. This is not something you do for a little while, lose the weight, then go back to your old eating habits. This program is a life changing plan to help you eat healthier, make food choices that are tailored to your body, and bring you to a state of optimal physical health. If like me, you are tired of diets that don't work, then let me show you a life style plan that does.

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