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Jessica’s new healthy life


50 LBS, POOF BE GONE! This is Jessica who is a client on our health program and is down 50 lbs forever. What you can’t see in this picture is that her hubby has lost 70 lbs (I’ll feature him later this week). So exciting when couples make lasting change together. Can you imagine how much more energy they have to devote to that cute little one now?Jessica's weight loss


Jared’s Change to Health


Jared's Healthy Weight

I was really active when I was young. When I married my wife 15 years ago I weighed 175 lbs – I got pregnant with my wife a couple of years later, but I never gave birth to a 9 pounder! I avoided pictures and the scale for almost 7 years. I finally faced the truth – I had reached 228 lbs. Then, REALITY HIT ME IN THE FACE – my Dad unexpectedly passed away at the age of 58, the result of pulmonary disease! He was followed shortly after by a good friend who was just 32…heart attack!
I needed a plan – My plan was to do what I knew best – try to eat a little less and exercise like crazy! I worked out INTENSELY 2 hours daily, 6 days a week. I managed to drop 25 lbs in 15 months, followed by an 8 month plateau (not impressive). That is when my life was saved! I began a health program that allowed me to lose 20 lbs in about a month!!! Even better, I stopped snoring, eliminated acid reflux, as well as chronic headaches and joint pain!

My good friend Bill!


Bill's healthy weight loss
“I started just before Christmas 2012 because a friend shared his success story with me. By April I was approaching my target weight. Now I’m at about the year mark stage of pursuing optimal health. I am about 50 pounds down from my heaviest. My health as measured by all the blood and regular health measures is better than it was 15 years ago. And I addressed at least one health issue I’ve been ignoring for years just because I now watch closely the signals my body is giving and don’t ignore them as I used to do.

Frank’s Story


Over the years, Frank struggled to lose weight but continued to get heavier and heavier. He was always a yo-yoer on diets, trying everything from South Beach to counting calories. Then, he was introduced to this Program and it has changed his life. Frank, who has a demanding job and little time to do anything else, dropped eight-five pounds. He feels great, looks amazing and has a lot of energy. If this is an experience you would like to share, come join Frank and I and the million other folks who have benefited from this Program.Frank's Story

Nancy’s Story


Nancy's storyI’m half the woman I used to be, I’ve shed over 135 pounds and reached a healthy weight. I slowly reintroduced various food groups that I’d temporarily set aside during the weight-loss phase and gradually increased calories and my physical activities during transition and maintenance. Now that I am in my sizzlin’ sixties, I feel like I am finally coming into my own. From 280 lbs to 135 lbs, I couldn’t be happier.

Stacy’s story


For years after having my first son I had not been able to lose the weight that I had put on. I felt so powerless and had desperately tried

Stacy's storyalmost every fad diet that had come out over the years and always failed at them miserably. My really good friend who had been struggling as well tried this program and lost over 60lbs! So, I gave it a chance even though I was doubtful it would work for me. I was so amazed and pleased how easy this was for me! I lost 45lbs in 4 months! I was skinnier than I had ever been before! I was always a (size 6 to size before having children and could never get any smaller in size no matter what I tried. Now I am a size 2! I am smaller than what I was when I was a teenager!

My husband is in the military and had been overseas during the time I was on the program! He had no idea that I was on the program and had lost weight. He didn’t even recognize me!