E=mc² : the Health Equation


We all know the formula E=mc².  Did you know it applies to your success at losing weight, gaining muscle, and reshaping your body?


Let’s break it down.

m= Manipulation of muscle, or exercise, is great but it can’t stand alone as a means to reshape the body.  Muscles need food to grow, stretch, and define.  Not just any food either. It has to be the RIGHT food building blocks, particularly lean proteins.  Carbs won’t do it, fats certainly won’t do it, and sugars…well, we all know that those are useless for anything other than a quick energy burst followed closely by a dramatic plunge in your blood sugar levels and a drop in your energy reserves. No, muscles NEED lean proteins and they need them immediately BEFORE you tax those muscles in order for the protein to be put to optimal use. Additionally, your muscles need fuel RIGHT AFTER you tax them.  They will use the protein you consume to get through a tough workout or labor intense job, but once the work is over, those muscles need MORE food.  To keep those muscles working long after you have actively stressed them, they require fiber, at least 1 1/2 cups of healthy fiber. The fiber feeds your muscles and continues to fuel them as they recover from the workout you’ve given them.

Here’s what happens inside that muscle you are working so strenuously.


You need protein to provide energy to the muscles as you tear them apart in exercise and fiber to fuel them as they begin the repair process.  ** Not only does fueling immediately before and right after a workout aid your muscles during exercise but it keeps your muscles from pulling vital resources from other parts of your body like your internal organs or brain.

c²= Consumption squared is the foundation of a healthy body. What goes in should be sufficient to effectively feed and fuel your brain, your blood, your muscles, your bones, and your internal and external organs. Yes, you need to feed your skin (the largest organ of the body). That being said, quality and quantity are important in this equation. Foods high in sugar, fat, and simple carb construction are not good for your body as a fuel source.  They burn off too quickly and the body only manages to use a small portion of them before they are expended. Foods low on the GI (Glycemic index), i.e. lean protein, dark green veggies, complex carbs, high fibers, are great for the body as they pack a whole lot of fuel and energy into a small package. These foods also take longer to get through the body, thus allowing the body to use the majority of these fuel sources to build muscle, repair the body, and strengthen organs. A diet high in low GI foods produces much less waste (urine and feces) than a diet high in simple carbs, sugars, and fats. But you can go overboard here as well.  The body is only capable of extracting a certain percentage of what it needs from what it is fed at any one time.  Eating too much of a good thing (low GI foods) results in the body having to store what it can’t use right away.  That means the fat cells and the liver (the body’s storage units) receive the excess. When you are trying to lose weight, feeding your fat cells is the LAST thing you want to do. So watch those serving sizes!

Let’s end our equation and talk about the results of Manipulation of muscle PLUS Consumption squared.  The result is…

E= ENERGY. Sufficient energy to build muscle, trim your waistline, strengthen bones, and increase mental acuity. The result is not just sufficient energy but an excess of energy which increases “m” exponentially. You will feel better, move more, be capable of achieving more physically and mentally, when you apply the principle of E=mc² to your health.


About leisatwatkins

In May 2011, I hit an all time low in my life and an all time high in my weight. I was 199 pounds and the idea of hitting 200 scared me. I had tried every known diet, HCG, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, the grapefruit diet. I'd even tried Phen-phen when I was younger and Dexatrim before that. While I'd lose a little weight, I would always gain it back and then more. I knew the yo-yo dieting was not healthy for my body and it was definitely wreaking havoc on my mental wellness. I didn't know what to do and I was looking into taking drastic surgical measures to lose weight. That's when a friend of mine told me his story about losing over 200 pounds without pills, surgery, or starving himself. Not only did he lose the weight, but he kept it off. What did I have to lose? I asked him to share the secret with me. Now, only six short months later, I weigh 140 lbs and am working on losing 5 more. That will put me back to my weight that I was in HS, college, and before I had children. And I've done it with my friend's help as my Health Coach, without starving or even exercising, although I love to walk everyday. I haven't felt hungry at all in this process. How many "diets" can say that? I feel fantastic! I've felt great since the first week on this program. Let me be very clear about this. This is NOT a diet. This is not something you do for a little while, lose the weight, then go back to your old eating habits. This program is a life changing plan to help you eat healthier, make food choices that are tailored to your body, and bring you to a state of optimal physical health. If like me, you are tired of diets that don't work, then let me show you a life style plan that does.

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