My goal in life is to see every man, woman , and child live a healthy life, one person at a time.  I undertook this journey to  health back in July 2011.  At the time, I weighed 206 lbs and was suffering from GERD, high blood pressure, shin splints, herniated discs, and migraines.  My doctor informed me that I was developing diabetes and I needed to do something drastic about my weight or I would be on insulin before the year was out.  

I got busy. I researched the lap band because I wasn’t heavy enough for Gastric bypass.  Not heavy enough? I was certainly heavy enough for illnesses.  Before I could have my surgery though, I met my health coach and the rest is history.  I lost 63 lbs. in 18 weeks and I have kept it off.

Last year, I added essential oils to my health regime.  My daughter came down with a mystery illness that western medicine couldn’t define or cure.  Blessedly, a friend suggested essential oils and now, she’s once again healthy, illness free, and not wasting away under a cloud of sickness.  Our whole family has implemented essential oils as our “medicine” cabinet.

I now pay it forward as a certified health coach and essential oils proponent because several someones loved me enough to help me on my journey.

For more information about my weight loss program:

For more information about essential oils:


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