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The Eyes Have It


Your eyes are not only the window to your soul, they are also an indication of how healthy you are. Here are some signs to watch for and what your eyes might be trying to tell you.

1. Bumps above the eye lid and along the brow are and indication that you have high cholesterol. The bumps are fatty tissue called xanthelasma palbebrarum.

2. Spot damage to the retina may indicate diabetes.

3. If your vision is doubled or blurry without reason, you may be developing myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disorder characterized my muscle weakness.

4. Different sized pupils may indicate brain trauma. This could mean an aneurysm, migraine, tumor, meningitis, or swelling on the brain.

5. Headaches coupled by vision issues may be an indicator of high blood pressure.

6. Yellowing of the whites of the eye indicate jaundice or other liver issues.

7. Red, irritated eyes that appear to bulge are a sign of Grave’s disease, an autoimmune thyroid disorder.

Keep on top of your health by checking your eyes weekly. After all, they will show some of the first signs of illness and it makes sense to look yourself in the eye when you look in the mirror.



Desperate, Depressed, Sick, and Ready for Change


Adrene’s story: Before I found this program, I was desperate, depressed and on 13 pills in the morning, 11 in the afternoon and 8 at night. I had diabetes, fibromyalgia, bi-polar disorder, Sjrogens disease, two heart attacks and high blood pressure all because of my weight. Thanks to the weight loss, I no longer carry my medicine bag around!

adrene's weight loss story


When I started, I weighed 310 pounds and wore a 24-26W in dresses. Now, I weigh 133 pounds and wear a size 6-8. I look outstanding!

I had tried other diets before and they weren’t successful. I would gain 2-3 times more once I stopped the diet. Some programs even turned me down because they said I was too overweight and they couldn’t help me! However, this program has been a miracle. I have maintained my weight loss for two years now, and not only do I look great but I feel remarkable!