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Day 26: 30 Days of Hope


This is what Bonnie has to say, “I lost 60 pounds using this fantastic program. I would love to share this program with you. Share my story and picture . Someone out there is just like I used to be, looking for an answer.  You may be the one who can help them find it and be the means to help them change their life as I’ve changed mine.”



Day 22: 30 Days of Hope


This is Linda and she has an amazing story. Here is her story. “This before picture is what started it all. I looked in the mirror every day of my life but did not “see” myself as I was. I was always much slimmer looking in my mind than I really was. When I saw this picture, it was my “aha” moment. I could not believe I really looked like that! I have been on medicine for high blood pressure and cholesterol and I had been seriously worried that I might get diabetes. My husband is a diabetic and I know the problems associated with that and I did not want any part of them. I would check my fasting blood sugar periodically and it was starting to creep up.When I heard about this program, I decided to try it; I am no stranger to dieting as I have tried them all, so I was not all that confident that this plan would be any different. But I am excited to tell you that in 10 months I have lost 71 pounds and am still on my journey. I am a firm believer in this plan and have had success not only in weight loss, but as a result of weight loss, my doctor has reduced both medications in half and my fasting blood sugar is not a problem.  It is the best program ever!”


Day 16: 30 Days of Hope


Wake wasn’t BIG (looking), but he wasn’t happy. Being tall and overweight may not show like it does on people with smaller builds. 

So he made a change. Wake knew that if he didn’t he’d only continue to get larger and more unhealthy.  Here’s Wake 2 and a half years ago and here is Wake now. He lost 90lbs and has maintained his healthy weight since August 2011.


Creating a Healthy Body


We go out of our way to put garbage in our bodies.  We eat things that our bodies can’t use like preservatives and chemical dyes. We wash our clothes and clean our homes with substances that are full of toxic chemicals that seep into our skin and food. We even breathe in toxic chemicals in our offices, in our homes, and outside if we are city dwellers (just think of all those chemical room sprays we use). To top it off, we apply chemicals to our skin and seem surprised when we feel sick later. Those chemicals can’t be used by our bodies so they are hoarded… stored away. These stores cause just one thing: ILLNESS.

In order to create a Non-Sick lifestyle, you have to begin by cleaning up your current reality. In other words, it’s time to detoxify.

Where to begin?

You can start with what you put in your body voluntarily… food!

Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats, all of which act as toxins in the body and are obstacles to your healing process.  Where possible, go organic and above all, READ LABELS.  If you can’t pronounce an ingredient and don’t know what it is, then you shouldn’t eat or drink it.

Be aware of what goes into your body involuntarily!

Look at your cleaners.  These are just as dangerous to your health as toxic foods since chemicals can seep through your skin.  An easy rule of thumb: if it’s chemical based, it’s not good for your body.  Avoid things that contain ethylene-based glycol, terpenes, hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite, butyl cellosolve, and crystalline silica. All of these are known carcinogens and have been shown to cause cancers and breathing illnesses.

Be aware of your hygiene items as well.  Many of them contain the chemicals listed above.  Go for natural alternatives instead. You’ll get the added bonus of saving a TON of money.

Once you’ve cleaned up your personal “environment”, add in these three toxic cleansing activities.

1. Adequate sleep! Sleep is when the body does most of it’s self-cleansing.  Get enough sleep to allow your body to perform a full cleanse cycle.  That means a minimum of 6 hours a night if you are an adult.

2. DRINK a minimum of 80 oz of water a day! The body flushes toxins better when there’s a solvent involved.  Water not only aids in cleansing the body but it keeps your body hydrated, helps eliminate cravings (for those toxic substances), and decreases your hunger. Trying to use coffee, tea, juices, or soda as a solvent, just won’t  work. Water is the only thing the body recognizes as a solvent for cleansing and besides, all soda and many coffees, teas, and juices contain chemicals you shouldn’t be putting in your body.

3. Exercise properly! There are specific exercises that promote detoxifying and they are great for increasing mental health,overall flexibility, and enhanced mood. Make use of them to help the body cleanse itself of residual toxins.

You’ll find that cleaning up your “personal environment” will give you more energy, improve your health, and will actually save you money.  A win/win, don’t you think?



Day 2: 30 Days of hope


sarah1Sarah’s Story – I turned to this program in desperation after yo-yo’ing for years on other “diets” that were able to get the weight off, but left me clueless once I got there. I would celebrate my “success” by eating all my favorite foods and the weight always came back worse than the last time. I didn’t realize that my health was any more than a number on a scale. After another depressing yo-yo diet, I turned to this program in desperation after seeing a family members rapid, and seemingly painless success. From day one, I dove into the program materials, tapped into all the support resources, and in just under three months, I had once again reached my goal weight, but this time, I had the confidence to finally throw out my “fat pants” since I knew I’d never need them again. I had lost 35 pounds and gained a new respect for myself. I literally didn’t ever want to eat like I had been eating before. I fully understood why my health was worth it and love my new healthy lifestyle. Whereas before I had literally no mental tools to protect my goals, I was now filled with strategies to safeguard my success and over a year later, I’m still maintaining my healthy weight and haven’t looked back once. I’ve inspired my husband and children to get excited about health as well and have overheard my six year old trying to explain the joyous merits of eating “lean and green” to her little play friends. I’m so glad for my coach, who shared this with me.”

The Brain is Driving


Many people fail to understand that losing weight STARTS in the mind.  Several of my clients have struggled recently with cravings, emotional eating, and other “roadblocks” that have derailed their progress on losing weight. They look for reasons to explain the lapses, blaming them on lack of will power, events beyond their control, etc.

The actual culprit is the mind.  When the mind is NOT engaged in building or changing a habit, then the habit doesn’t stick and despite good intentions, the body/person fails in reaching their goal.  The mind must be engaged in the process. It is the driver behind the wheel, the power behind the action. The body is just the luggage in the trunk of the car.

When building any habit, the process must first begin in the brain.

For example:  If you want to stop giving into cravings, you must:

1. Determine why you are having a craving.  Is it emotionally triggered, event triggered, or just a bad habit? Like eating ice cream while watching TV each evening after work.

2. Once you determine why you have a craving, you have to create a list of activities that will short circuit your craving. If you have a sudden craving for chocolate, instead of raiding your child’s Easter candy stash, put on some music and fold laundry, or take the dog for a walk, or leave the situation that is encouraging the craving (in this case, turn off the TV). Having a list of alternative reactions is a MUST!

3. When the craving hits, you have to follow through with the alternative choice. It’s not enough to just recognize the drive behind the craving. You have to actively short circuit it.

4. You must be consistent.  Within 21 days, you will have created a new, healthier habit and you will notice a marked decrease in craving “episodes”.

When you apply your mind and give it the power to change the body, there is nothing you can’t achieve.



Jessica’s new healthy life


50 LBS, POOF BE GONE! This is Jessica who is a client on our health program and is down 50 lbs forever. What you can’t see in this picture is that her hubby has lost 70 lbs (I’ll feature him later this week). So exciting when couples make lasting change together. Can you imagine how much more energy they have to devote to that cute little one now?Jessica's weight loss