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Day 30: 30 Days of Hope



WOW…Listen to Kipp’s story: “”Seven years ago I had lost all hope that I would win my lifelong battle with weight and ever be healthy. I decided the only thing left for me was to have a gastric bypass. Thankfully, my wife said I had to try one more thing before I had any surgery. I decided to go on the Take Shape For Life program that our friends had been telling me about for an entire year. I begrudgingly went on the program fully believing it would not work and determined to prove it. I have never been so happy to be wrong about something. Not only did the program work, it worked better than I ever thought possible. My original weight loss was 107 lbs* and today, 7 years later, I am healthy, happy, and thriving!” Kipp not only lost the weight, but he has KEPT it off!

30 Days ago, I began my 30 Days of Hope, sharing the journeys of 30 + individuals.  In 30 days, the lives and bodies of my current clients have changed. They have lost over 300 pounds this April.

What has changed in your life in the last 30 days?

Are you healthier? Leaner? Slimmer?

If not, what exactly are you waiting for?

Your invitation has already been delivered. What you choose to do with it is up to you.


Day 28: 30 Days of Hope


Meet Dawn:  “I’m not done yet but I have lost over a hundred pounds so far. I’m feeling so much better! I’m able to do so many more things now that I could not do before. I am also very blessed to be able to help others reach their goals as well. I LOVE the results I have seen on this program! I recently had blood work done and found that my cholesterol and triglycerides are in perfect order now too! Yay for non scale victories. I plan on busting it this next onto to have strong finish for my 12 month mark on my journey to optimal health!”


Day 27: 30 Days of Hope


This is Don. He is a police officer in Riverton, UT and found that his excess weight was causing problems on the job. He lost 60 lbs and is back in the best shape to do his job and protect his community.


Day 24: 30 Days of Hope


A truly inspiring couple! Bil and Julia: “In 2007, Bil began the process of qualifying for gastric bypass surgery. It was a scary thing for us to think about but his weight was at a point where he needed some dramatic help. After trying so many weight loss programs, we felt surgery was his last option. In order to qualify for the surgery he needed to lose 5% of his body weight. So we started looking for something that might help. We came across this program through his parents who also had great success on it. He started the program the week before Thanksgiving 2007. It was so easy and worked so well that soon we knew he wouldn’t need the surgery. Within 13 months he had lost 140 lbs without surgery. Julia was so inspired by his weight loss and how easy the program was, she also tried it and lost 35 lbs in 4 months. Our lives have literally changed. We are now able to live our dream of owning a small farm and we have the ability to raise our three daughters so much more interactively. We are no longer exhausted observers; now we get to participate with energy to spare!”


Day 19: 30 Days of Hope



Jenny began her transformation in 2012. Now, in 2014, she’s maintaining her healthy habits and her healthy body and she’s never looked and felt better.

Day 17: 30 Days of Hope



Down 60 pounds in just 2 1/2 months and still going.  This is Dave and he’s using my program to build healthy habits that will serve him for a lifetime and help him keep from gaining back what he’s losing.

It’s not just about weight loss….it’s about keeping that healthy, trim body for the rest of your life.

Day 14: 30 Days of Hope


stephanytoddTime to share my sweetheart story for today. Give the gift of health to your sweetheart this year!~ ask me how.

Meet my friend Stefany and her husband Todd! This dynamic duo is so inspiring and I love that they made health part of their life!

“Todd and I have lost 125lbs in 6 months (me 75, him 50) and have kept it off for OVER a year!”